Thursday, 30 January 2014

IPL 2014 Auctions and Schedule

Player auctions for IPL 2014 will take place on 12th and 13th February in Bangalore, and 233 capped players have been listed for the event.
A total of 31 players have been put under the maximum of Rs. 2 crore base price.
Pinal Shah has been named in the capped list of players. However, this is an error on the part of IPL officials as he hasn’t been selected in the Indian squad so far. His name is expected to be included in the list of uncapped Indian players, which is expected to be released soon.
The Indian Premier League, or as some would like to address it as the Cricket Carnival is back in the subcontinent and is in tremendous flow with a lot of new exciting surprises keeping viewers hooked to their TV sets.
There was much ado about the Pepsico IPL 2013 schedule before the start of the event with critics complaining about too much of cricket being played which can fatigue players in the long run. The short version of the game has added a lot of color to cricket itself especially after the involvement of Bollywood superstars in the event. The Pepsi IPL fixture was declared back in the month of January after the auction held at Bangalore.

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